The Company


Selet was born in 1973 at Turin (Torino) during the big industrial evolution time; it starts its job by making electronics boards for oleodinamic and electrical fields but, after a year, the rigth way was found and we started producing components for the automation fields. The production of inductive sensors starts, with the idea to push the mechanical limit switches away, from the automation world.

In the years 80s Selet invested and put in its production range in new sensor technologies: capacitive and photoelectric sensors.
First italian company that invested in gate-array technology for its new products, Selet – in the middle of 80s – started cooperation to worldwide components manufacturers for developping electronic components for its sensors.

In these years started the production of instruments and rotary encoders, incremental and absolute. In 95th, due CE communitary laws, Selet invested in an internal EMC laboratory suitable to tests its products . In the same years Selet develop a lot of brand dedicated cooperations for worldwide Companies. Always during these years, Selet was the first italian company that develop its own PLCs line, small, compact and programmable by MS_Dos PC.

In the century exchange, year 2000, Selet decide to sell the PLC line and to improve the R&D application fields to explore new technologies: magnetics, railways technologies, smart city projects. In 2002, Selet make its own plant and reorganize the whole factory. In 2011, thanks to all efforts done, Selet get the ISO9001:2008 certification.

In 2012 Selet makes the first oriental exhibition: due the success of SPS Italia and SPS Nuremberg, Selet decided to partecipate to SIAF 2012, the SPS of Guangzhou, beautiful town in south of the Popular Rep. Of China.

In 2014, Selet changes its own board, in order to improve also its look & feel: we do product for customers as we were manufacturing for us, we follow the customer needs as they were our needs.

Selet has a worldwide presence through its distribution network or by direct contact too.