immagine Lightless push buttons

Lightless push buttons

Pushbuttons 22 mm diameter, no light, with push cap flush or external, start/stop text.

STP-110x - Metal pushbutton ring flush.
STP-111x - Metal external pushbutton.
STP-113x - Start/stop metalic pushbutton, ring flush.
STP-120x - Pushbutton metal flush ring, with Ø 40 head

immagine Lighting Pushbuttons and lamps

Lighting Pushbuttons and lamps

Lighting pushbuttons 22 mm diameter, with push cap flush or external, with lamp location inside.

Pilot light, flush cap pushbuttons, external cap pushbutton, lighting mushroom type.

STL-100x - Lighted pushbutton ring protected.
STL-101x - Lighted external pushbutton.
STL-103x - Mushroom type lighted pushbutton.
STG-104x - Pilot light.

immagine Mushroom type pushbutton

Mushroom type pushbutton

Mushroom type pushbuttons, several sizes, with snap action or with latch and realise by rotating, or release by turnkey.

Available heads: Ø 33 mushroom, Ø 40 mushroom, Ø 60 mushroom, Ø 40 and Ø 90 safety mushroom with snap action.

Available colors: red as safety and emergency pushbutton, black.

STP-130x - Temporary mushroom pushbutton.
STP-131x - Mushroom pushbutton with latch, release by rotating.
STP-132x - Mushroom pushbutton with latch, release by key.

immagine Selector heads

Selector heads

Selector heads, dark type, with short lever or long lever or key.

Many types of heads for your needs: 2 or 3 positions, fixed positions, center realise position from left/right. In the key models, the extraction of key can be choosen according to application needs.

STS-12xx - Short/long lever or with key head selector, 2 positions
STS-13xx - Selector head with 3 positions, fixed, by releasing, with key

immagine Lighted selector heads

Lighted selector heads

Lighted seector heads for 2 fixed or with release positions or 3 fixed positions.

Available colors: redgreenyellowblue and white (transparent colorless).

STS-021x - Lighted selector head, 2 positions with release from right
STS-020x - Lighted selector head, 2 fixed positions
STS-024x - Lighted selector head, 2 x 45° fixed positions 
STS-030x - Lighted selector head, 3 fixed positions

immagine Contact blocks & lampholders

Contact blocks & lampholders

Elements to add to pushbuttons and selectors:

  • contact elements, singles, NO or NC;
  • contact elements with support base;
  • support base for contacts;
  • lamps holder;
  • keys;
  • protection caps;
  • hole covers;
  • buzzers;

Elements for lighted pushbutons or selectors:

  • lamps holder with direct power supply;
  • lamps holder with transformer;
  • lamps, leds;
  • lighted buzzers;

immagine Joystick


Two kinds of joystick, one with small lever and one with longer lever, 2 or 4 position. All positions can be mantained (fixed) or with release to center, according to the choosen joystick model.

All joysticks are available in full version - kit with joystick and contacts block - or just the joystick as spare part.