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Photoelectric OCV50T/C for transparent objects

  • New sensor for transparent objects detection made of following transparent materials: glass, plastic and thin film, of any color, shape and depth. 
  • The working principle is based upon high tech optical system that allow the detection of any material which transparency is linked to the capacity of detection by other photoelectric system. 
  • Smart set-up by teach-in button on the top of the sensor. The emission power of the light is automatically set. 


Main Features: 


  • Item: OCV50T/C 
  • 50x50x18 mm cubic type 
  • Reflex type with reflector 
  • Transparent objects detection 
  • Plastic housing 
  • Sensing range: 2m (3m with big reflector 80mm diameter) 
  • Smart set-up by teach-in button 
  • Cable or M12 connector output 
  • DC type, PNP+NPN outputs, Light/Dark selectable

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