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K02: Compact capacitive proximity sensor

Selet has designed a new series of capacitive sensors with more compact dimensions than the traditional sensors on the market: 40mm, in total, of which 33 mm belonging to the threaded part for the flush version, and 50 mm, in total, for the non-flush version. 

New constructive technology has allowed the creation of such products.

The sensitivity adjustment does not occur through a trimmer but using a teach-switch placed at the back of the sensor.

The main features are:
- 18 mm diameter
- Dimension of the flush version: L=40mm (thread of 33 mm); non-flush version: L=50 mm (thread of 33 mm)
- Metal case
- Automatic or manual teach-in mode for the sensitivity calibration.
- NO or NC output setting by tech-in
- Cable connection L=2m or L=200 mm with M12 connector (pigtail)
- Versions: 3-cables PNP NO/NC, and 4-cables NO+NC

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