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Cylindrical photocells

Selet offers three sets of cylindrical photocells: 12mm, 18 mm, and 30mm in diameter.

The OCV80 series of 12 mm in diameter is proposed in the diffuse-type versions with sensing distance up to 200mm and beam type up to 4000mm.

The OCV81 series and OCV18 of 18mm in diameter are proposed in the diffuse-type version with sensing distance up to 1000mm, 3000mm for the rear reflector version, and 15m in the beam type version.

The OCV87 series with 30mm in diameter is proposed with a sensing distance up to 1000mm for the diffuse-type version and 5000mm for the rear reflector version.

The OCV81 series is also proposed in a polarised version with background suppression.

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