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Capacitive Level Sensor LVK01 series

This is the new capacitive level sensor of Selet.

These sensors are dedicated to level detection of liquids, also in case of agressive liquids.

The sensitivity adjustment is made by trimmer, placed on the rear side of the sensor. By this function the level detection can be set in accurate way according to the sort of liquid you have to detect the level.

The body material is good because it facilitates the dripping of the liquid, so that the deposit of material in the sensitive area is limited.

Main features are:

  • M18 body fixing
  • Housing material ZX-530
  • Sensitive area 10 mm
  • Sensitivity adjustment  by rear trimmer
  • Multifunction type, 3 wirei PNP / NPN - NO / NC
  • M8 connector pigtail, with 300 mm of precabled cable

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