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New M18 photoelectric sensors - simples and reliables

Selet developed a new generation of M18 cilyndrical photelectric sensors that mix simplicity, reliability and robustness.

The new OCV18 series includes the following items with axial optic:

  • Reflex with reflector, 2 m (3 m with 80 mm Ø)
  • Diffuse type, 300 mm with adjustment

Both types can be with cable output or M12 connector output, plastic gray tube and single turn trimmer for sensitivity adjustment.

These new sensors have a compact size that allows an easy installation and the led is visible under the trimmer and in all rear side. The presence of laser mark sensor code gives to sensor a good look & feel.

The sensors are PNP or NPN and the connection is 4 wire, NO-NC programmable (light-dark programmable).

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