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News Selet: the actual impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Selet is a small-medium enterprise well established in the social productive italian contest and this is why we are living online, every day, all the feeling and matters about COVID-19.

Although the italian record in european number of Coronavirus infected people rank and the virulence of this virus that infects people in a fast way, inside new geographical areas in Italy, the actual restrictive measures got by Governement allow us to continue to work, manufacture and ship goods so our production cycle actually can be classified as active.

Since a while our Company got all the beginning warnings about the basic hygienic rules to act to avoid the infection risk, by cycle of training to people in all departments from the production to logistics to administration, technical, marketing and manager directors.

The last restrictions given by government, obliged all of us the use of gloves and masks always dressed; the shipment and the incoming of goods are regulated outside the building with protected people and we’re working with several forwarder very professional that well know how to do their work in safe conditions.

Our company is plenty of instruction panels on how to do job in safe condition due COVID-19. We hope to give as well a contribution to our economic situation as our behaviour goes in the right way for our and someone else protection in order to come back to normal situation again and soon.
Finally we are actually 100% operative. We will keep you informed in case of drastic variations.

We wish a fast recovery to whom, in Italy and all over the world, was infected by COVID-19, to his/her family to maintain the hope and keep alive. We thanks a lot all the health and medical operators at all levels for their extraordinary job.

Massimo Vana
President of the Board

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