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OCV56T/C: Optical detection of bottles

  • Any sort of bottles, made of glass or PET, with more or less transparency, of any shape, depth or colour can be detected.
  • Its operating principle is based on high tech optical system; this grant a great job where, due transparency conditions, the normal optical sensors are not suitable and reliable.
  • the functionality is programmed by teach button: manual or automatic sensitivity setup, light/dark selection.


Main features are:


 - Mechanical size: 50 x 50 x 18 mm

 - Reflex with reflecto type

 - Suitable for glass or PET bottles detection

 - Plastic housing

 - Covered range: 2m con reflector type SCT2, 3m with reflector type SCT4

 - teach-in sensing range adjustment

 - Connection via 2 m cable, pigtail M12 connector or M12 connector

 - Multiuse output:PNP + NPN, light/dark selection

 - Supply voltage: 10 - 30 Vdc

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